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Biography Ed Sachs

Learn how a guard on Indiana University’s basketball team, became a Vietnam Combat Veteran,
President of Pioneer Electronics, Mission Viejo Councilman, and now your candidate for State Assembly.

Ed Sachs first entered public service in 1966 after leaving the basketball team at Indiana University to join the US Navy.  As a forward observer in combat zones throughout Vietnam, Ed was a constant target, but thankfully he returned home in 1970 app von youtube herunterladen. After the war, Ed and his unit were awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation for valor in combat.

After Vietnam, Sachs returned to Indiana to complete his college degree.  After graduating in 1972, Sachs entered the fast-growing consumer electronics industry as an entry-level salesman.  Over the next 35 years, Sachs became a leader in the industry and ultimately became President of Pioneer Electronics, USA.  Sachs retired in 2009, leaving the company with its highest top-line revenue and income before tax in the division’s history star stable kostenlosen.

After his retirement, Sachs felt compelled to return to public service to promote transparency and fiscal accountability in government.  Since his election to the Mission Viejo Council in 2014, Sachs and his colleagues have passed balanced budgets every year, reduced the city’s unfunded pension liability, and have increased city reserves to $25 million.  Sachs also serves on the Orange County Fire Authority Board of Directors (OCFA), is the President of the OC Board of Directors for the League of California Cities and is the founder of Secure Our Communities (SOCS) an organization dedicated to promoting safety and violence preparedness in local schools and community centers.

Ed Sachs and his wife Leagh have lived in Mission Viejo for more than 25 years, where they raised their two sons David and Daniel.  Leagh is an award-winning photographer, David has followed in his mother’s footsteps and Daniel proudly serves in the United States Air Force.

On The Issues

“The voters deserve to know where their legislator stands on important issues.  With limited space we have tried to give as clear a picture of where I stand but if you want to ask more questions, please email our campaign at News@SachsforAssembly.com.”

– Ed Sachs, Candidate for State Assembly

California already had some of the highest taxes in the Nation, before California Democrats saddled California residents with a massive gas tax increase. They defend this highly regressive tax by claiming that the voters approved it via Prop. 6, which has been widely held to be one of the most misleading ballot descriptions ever sims 3 einfach tierisch downloaden.

Adding insult to injury, Democrats in Sacramento tout a $21.4 billion budget surplus but conveniently leave out that California’s unfunded pension liabilities total $1.5 trillion.

Our unfunded pension liabilities are seven times the size of our surplus!

The mounting debt, boondoggle pet projects like High-Speed Rail, and businesses fleeing the state are pushing us closer to the edge of the fiscal cliff.  Compounding the problem is that the liberal super-majority in the legislature refuses to restrain themselves and sees the California taxpayer as a bottomless piggy bank.

Their next target?  Prop videos kostenlos online downloaden. 13!

Prop. 13 was passed by California voters and protect home and building owners from massive property tax increases.  In 2020, the California Democrats are coming for Prop. 13’s taxpayer protections on commercial properties and if successful, will then attempt to dismantle residential property tax protections soon after herunterladen.

In short, the liberal super-majority in Sacramento will continue to mortgage our children’s futures unless we stand up to them.

I am running for Assembly to use my one seat in the legislature to aggressively defend South County residents and shine a light political corruption.  I will use every tool at my disposal and every strategy that decades in the private sector has taught me, to fight for lower taxes, the repeal of the gas tax and keeping the taxpayer protections in Prop. 13.

Much like the Gas Tax/Prop walt disney schrift kostenlosen. 6, Democrats in California are fond of slipping extreme and dangerous policies past California voters with egregiously misleading language on the ballot.

Prop. 47 – “The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act”

(Then Attorney General Kamala Harris has the shame of naming it that.)

On the surface, they claimed it would reduce certain nonviolent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors herunterladen.

But in the fine print, “nonviolent offenses” included: possession of narcotics (meth, opioids, etc.), theft of items under $950 (most handguns cost less), possession of date rape drugs – just to name a few.

With the easing of sentencing for street drugs months before a tidal wave of local homelessness and opioid use, law enforcement has their hands tied in how best respond on the ground to these new conditions.  In essence, someone can break into your car and steal from you and provided the value is less than $950, they are only charged with a misdemeanor.  Same is true for possession of dangerous street drugs fueling our homelessness crisis – slap on the wrist.

District Attorneys used to have the threat of felony to force people into treatment by offering to lessen the sentence.  Also with a felonies, law enforcement can match DNA to the crime data base that has helped solve murders, rapes and a host of other heinous crimes that we were only able to solve because we were able to charge someone that had done something severely wrong with a felony schöne schriftarten zumen.

I will not rest until we can limit the impacts of Prop. 47 and pass legislation that makes serious and violent crimes a felony again.  The public safety of our neighborhoods is no place to test or wait and see what the impacts are.  Those “impacts” are lives lost to drugs, deaths, property damaged, and that is not the community we chose to live in.

District 73

See where the district begins and ends below!


Join the growing list of current and former policy leaders backing Ed Sachs for State Assembly!

California Professional Firefighters

Supervisor Lisa Bartlett,
Orange County’s 5th Supervisorial District

Mayor Don Sedgwick,
City of Laguna Hills

Mayor Vince Rossini,
City of Villa Park

Mayor Chuck Puckett,
City of Tustin

Mayor Warren Kusumoto,
City of Los Alamitos

Mayor Pro Tem Brian Goodell,
City of Mission Viejo

Councilwoman Wendy Bucknum,
City of Mission Viejo

Councilman Scott Voigts,
City of Lake Forest

Councilman Chip Monaco,
City of Orange

Orange County Professional Firefighters Association

Councilwoman Shelley Hasselbrink,
City of Los Alamitos

Mari Barke,
OC Board of Education

Judy Bullockus,
CUSD Board Member

Frank Ury,
Fmr spiele zum herunterladen roblox. Mayor of Mission Viejo

Robert Breton,
Fmr. Mayor of Mission Viejo

Mel Carruth,
Fmr. Mayor of Laguna Hills

Jerry Amante,
Fmr. Mayor of Tustin

Jeff Barke,
Fmr rollenspiel kostenlosen vollversion. Los Alamitos School Board Member

Anna Bryson,
Fmr. Capo Unified School District Trustee

Support Our Campaign

“I am honored to have received the support of so many respected public policy leaders from across Orange County,” Sachs said. “It is my sincere hope that we can come together to tackle corruption in Sacramento and restore faith in our government at a time when Californians are justifiably skeptical.”

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