Homeless in California

Homeless in California

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Who is to blame?

The liberal, progressive, socialist policies out of Sacramento are absolutely to blame for where we are today in California.  The first purpose of government is to protect its population.  These Progressive policies have led to a complete and utter failure in and of our once great and beautiful State.  The Democrat Party has run this State for decades.  Why else are we in the condition we are in today?  If their policies are so wonderful, how much longer should we need to wait for them to kick in?  The Dems have failed at every step and the Republicans have not had a voice in policy for decades in the State.  Republicans in the State have so little clout they cannot even get enough votes for a Bill to name a park bench and have it signed by the Governor wii u games download for free.

Instead, Progressives have given us crappy air quality and reduced us to a third world country status where whole communities have to turn off their lights for 3 or 4 days because government cannot take care for forestry and utility companies neglect their infrastructure youtube video ipad herunterladen. We have the highest taxes of any State in the country with gasoline taxes so high that the poorest among us cannot afford it.  We spend millions on overpriced, over regulated housing while we punish middle income business that offer wages that could pay rents and mortgages.  We drive companies out of the State by the hundreds.  We have slowly seen the middle-class leaving California for States that have jobs and affordable housing and education for their children.  We allow criminals to steal from family owned businesses of under $950 a day to feed their addiction herunterladen.

Instead we are giving public social programs that invite an increase of illegal aliens and folks from other States seeking better welfare programs and free healthcare.  The State is ever increasing the cost of healthcare by demanding citizens have healthcare while giving it away non-citizens who care little about assimilation black desert herunterladen.

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