Candidate for State Assembly, Ed Sachs Pro-Life Platform

Candidate for State Assembly, Ed Sachs Pro-Life Platform

January 22, 2020 was the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

In the nearly fifty years since, over 57 million lives have been snuffed out.  Not according to God’s plan or even luck, but due to someone else’s failure to plan excel kostenlos downloaden für mac.

I believe that life begins at inception and at that point, it is only God that has a say in who lives or dies. 

The good news is that science is now undeniably on the side of being pro-life bts spiel herunterladen.

We have improved neonatal technologies that allow us to see that even at 18 weeks, a fetus is capable of human acts like smiling, clapping or sucking a thumb mobile.deen.

We must use these advances in science to share with the world the beauty of life and what is at stake when we end a life while in utero.

Once elected to the Assembly, I will draft legislation that prioritizes fetal rights and mandates imaging before an abortion can be granted.  A woman should not be allowed to turn a blind eye and just like any medical procedure must make a fully informed decision mac outlook bilder herunterladen.


Help us win by signing up for updates on our website at or by reaching out via phone: 949.874.4072 or email zoom cloud downloaden.

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