California lawmaker under investigation for alleged sexual harassment

California lawmaker under investigation for alleged sexual harassment

A California lawmaker is under investigation for alleged sexual harassment, according to the leader of the state’s Republican Party and people familiar with the investigation kostenlos gb bilder herunterladen.

Multiple women have accused Assemblyman Bill Brough, R-Dana Point, of making unwanted sexual advances, prompting party leaders to distance themselves from him and withhold a possible 2020 re-election endorsement until a pair of investigations are complete thumbnails herunterladen.

While it’s already known that the Fair Political Practices Commission is looking into potential campaign finance violations, California GOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson said at a Sacramento Press Club event Wednesday afternoon that Brough is also being investigated by the state for accusations of sexual harassment herunterladen.

“We now have a process within the Legislature with the workplace conduct unit that protects both those that are accusers and those that are being accused,” Patterson said warframe kostenlos herunterladen. “There is an investigation in progress, and same with the FPPC side of things, there’s an investigation that is in progress.”

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