CAL MATTERS: Date Rape is Not a Violent Felony in California. Seriously

CAL MATTERS: Date Rape is Not a Violent Felony in California. Seriously

Nina Salarno Besselman, President of Crime Victims United, wrote a must-read article:


You can pimp a child for sex, beat a spouse or rape a young woman who passes out at a frat party, and it’s not considered a violent offense under state law, and that’s offensive wordpad downloaden kostenlos.

This was a dangerous flaw with Proposition 57, which California voters approved in 2016 by a wide margin, after being reassured by its proponents that the measure would apply only to non-violent offenders, and that only those inmates who posed no threat to public safety would be released from prison early horizon go herunterladen.  

What voters weren’t told is that the list of non-violent offenses includes many crimes that most people would agree are very serious and violent. 

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The article goes into detail about offenders like Gregory Gadlin, who is eligible for parole under California law after violently slashing his girlfriend’s hands and face with a butcher knife.  Keep in mind that his rap sheet includes the rape of an 11-year old girl and gang rape of another minor jitsi meet herunterladen.

These are facts.

This is not a one-off policy flaw. This same story is recurring over, and over again across California.

How did we get here contents directory to download?

The author accurately points out that Prop 57 was actually passed by the voters.  So did the Gas Tax and Prop 47 which lessened the offense for theft and possession of highly-addictive drugs heroin and meth.  These measures passed because the public was in the dark and fooled by Democrats in the legislature with deceiving ballot language.  They give these new laws names like “The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act”, but in reality that law lessens from felony to misdemeanor heroin, meth, crack cocaine and any theft under $950 fortnite kostenlos download chip.

We were lied to, but that is no excuse not to act.  We need your vote for new leadership.

Nothing will change if we do nothing.   Click HERE to find your polling location ebook romane kostenlos downloaden.

In addition to your support for my campaign for State Assembly, please visit to learn more about efforts to protect our community that I support and will put my full strength behind if I am elected as your next representative powerpointen kostenlos.

Thank you for reading!

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LA Times: ‘I still have nightmares’: Four women accuse O.C. assemblyman of misconduct

LA Times: ‘I still have nightmares’: Four women accuse O.C. assemblyman of misconduct

From the LA Times – Full Article HERE


Four women, including an Orange County supervisor, have accused Assemblyman William Brough (R-Dana Point) of unwanted touching and other misconduct mails download gmx.

The allegations came to light last week, when Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett spoke out against an endorsement for Brough at an Orange County Republican Party meeting and claimed she’d had a negative encounter with the lawmaker herunterladen. In an interview with The Times, Bartlett said Brough propositioned and “attacked” her at an official event in 2011 when they were both on the Dana Point City Council kinderschutz software kostenlos downloaden.

Three other women, who spoke to The Times on condition of anonymity citing fear of reprisal, have also alleged that Brough made unwanted advances toward them visi cad download for free. One woman, a governmental affairs manager who filed a 2017 complaint against Brough with the Assembly Rules Committee, alleged that Brough propositioned her in a Sacramento hotel lobby ezb kurse herunterladen. An Assembly investigation later found Brough did not violate Assembly policy. And a former Assembly staffer and former lobbyist claim that the legislator sexually harassed them in separate incidents in Capitol-area bars and implied he could help their careers if they obliged his overtures herunterladen.

A public accusation
Bartlett said she decided to speak up against Brough’s endorsement because she was a “recipient of inappropriate behavior” by the legislator word microsoft 2010 kostenlosen.

“I stated [in the meeting] that I still have nightmares about that incident, and that, sadly, I am not the only one,” she said.

Bartlett said she could feel Brough trying to steer her toward an exit door on the side of the restaurant xbox profil herunterladen. She said she repeatedly asked Brough to let go of her and that his grip was so strong that she initially couldn’t wriggle free.

“I was thinking, ‘I don’t really have anything to protect myself, I’m in high heels, I can’t run,’” Bartlett said word kostenlos deutsch vollversion windows 7. “I was petrified.”

Assembly complaint
Assembly Rules Committee records obtained by The Times also show that Brough was investigated in late 2017 and early 2018 by the committee for a separate incident that it later determined did not violate Assembly policy amazon music playlist herunterladen.

In that case, a governmental advocate with business in the Capitol alleged that in February 2015, Brough followed her into the lobby of her Sacramento hotel and propositioned her for sex. In a March 2018 appeal letter to the Assembly Rules Committee, the woman described being “sexually battered” by Brough, claiming that he pressed his erection against her and said, “You know I’m really into you, right?” She wrote that when she told Brough she was married, he replied, “So am I.”

The woman also alleged in the letter that Brough’s behavior followed “almost two years of sexual innuendo and advances,” which she said began when he was an Assembly staffer. She said that in other alleged incidents, she declined Brough’s requests for a walk on the beach during a business lunch and his offer of a hotel room should she decide to volunteer on another candidate’s political campaign.

“[Brough] repeatedly propositioned me for an extramarital affair,” the woman wrote in the letter. “I repeatedly declined or ignored his propositions, and his propositions were severely unwelcome and caused me an immense amount of stress.”

[Read the rest of the article HERE]

California lawmaker was accused of harassment. Now his campaign spending is under investigation

California lawmaker was accused of harassment. Now his campaign spending is under investigation

California ethics officials have opened an investigation into Assemblyman Bill Brough, R-Dana Point, over concerns about his use of campaign funds. He is accused of using the money to pay off his family’s cell phone bill, go out to fancy restaurants and take a personal trip to a Boston Red Sox game netflix filme herunterladen dauer.

The complaint, prompted by the work of a conservative blogger, is being reviewed by the Fair Political Practices Commission, according to an Aug fortnite free for android. 20 letter the commission sent. Aaron Park, who frequently posts to his “Right on Daily blog,” also raised concerns over a $1,200 restaurant bill, a $1,321 custom-made liquor cabinet and $1,311 for cigars and a high-end humidor zoom mac.

Brough was elected to the Assembly in 2014. The total payments in question since he took office add up to nearly $200,000.

The Orange County Republican came under fire earlier this summer after multiple women accused him of making unwanted sexual advances herunterladen. One accuser claimed Brough was drunk at the time.

“I’ve been advised by the FPPC that they have not made any determination about the validity of the allegations made or about the culpability, if any, of any person,” Brough said in a statement neverwinter nights download deutsch kostenlos.

Brough received a letter from the commission on July 12 informing him of the concerns raised. Jay Wierenga, a spokesman for the FPPC, did not offer a timeline for when the investigation would be completed ard mediathek videos to download.

Assembly Republican leader Marie Waldron called the complaints “serious” but did not push for Brough to resign. She and Senate Republican leader Shannon Grove previously called the sexual harassment allegations against him “serious and troubling.”

“I was just made aware of the investigation into Assemblyman Brough’s campaign finances,” Waldron said in a statement herunterladen. “While these claims are serious, it would be premature to make a judgment on the validity of the allegations before the FPPC investigators have completed their work.”

Assemblyman Bil Brough, R-Dana Point, has been accused of sexual harassment herunterladen.

California lawmaker under investigation for alleged sexual harassment

California lawmaker under investigation for alleged sexual harassment

A California lawmaker is under investigation for alleged sexual harassment, according to the leader of the state’s Republican Party and people familiar with the investigation kostenlos gb bilder herunterladen.

Multiple women have accused Assemblyman Bill Brough, R-Dana Point, of making unwanted sexual advances, prompting party leaders to distance themselves from him and withhold a possible 2020 re-election endorsement until a pair of investigations are complete thumbnails herunterladen.

While it’s already known that the Fair Political Practices Commission is looking into potential campaign finance violations, California GOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson said at a Sacramento Press Club event Wednesday afternoon that Brough is also being investigated by the state for accusations of sexual harassment herunterladen.

“We now have a process within the Legislature with the workplace conduct unit that protects both those that are accusers and those that are being accused,” Patterson said warframe kostenlos herunterladen. “There is an investigation in progress, and same with the FPPC side of things, there’s an investigation that is in progress.”

Lincoln Club pulls back its endorsement of Assemblyman Bill Brough

Lincoln Club pulls back its endorsement of Assemblyman Bill Brough

One prominent Orange County Republican group has rescinded its endorsement of Assemblyman Bill Brough in the race for the 73rd Assembly District, while another has endorsed challenger Ed Sachs film aus mediathek downloaden mac.

Brough is facing allegations of sexual assault and an investigation by state ethics officials over his use of campaign funds. Brough has repeatedly denied wrongdoing in both cases tomodachi life kostenlos. But with those issues in the background, the Orange County Congress of Republicans, a grassroots organization chartered by the state GOP, formally is backing Sachs free fortnite.

And on Thursday, Sept. 12, board members for the Lincoln Club of Orange County — a decades-old, influential conservative political group — unanimously voted to rescind their prior endorsement of Brough and evaluate other AD-73 candidates herunterladen.

“Serious allegations have been made against Assembly Member Brough, and the Lincoln Club takes them seriously,” organization president John Warner said apple photos. “Republicans need strong, unencumbered leadership, undistracted by disturbing accusations about personal behavior.”

Brough is the only GOP incumbent not currently endorsed by the Republican Party of Orange County, though the local GOP also hasn’t yet endorsed any of Brough’s challengers download the original font.

But at the group’s monthly Central Committee Meeting on Monday, Sept. 16, in Costa Mesa, the featured speaker will be Patricia Wenskunas, founder of Irvine-based non-profit Crime Survivors sims 4 häuseren. Wenskunas was quoted in a recent Sachs’ press release that called for Brough’s resignation after the assemblyman sent an email to OCGOP members that named two women who had filed complaints accusing him of sexual harassment but had chosen to stay anonymous herunterladen.

“Such tactics have a chilling effect on victims of sexual assault and are intended to intimidate them into staying quiet,” Wenskunas wrote gamecube games.

Orange County assemblyman accused of sexual harassment asked not to seek re-election by OC GOP

Orange County assemblyman accused of sexual harassment asked not to seek re-election by OC GOP


COSTA MESA, Calif apps downloaden op smart tv lg. (KABC) — An Orange County lawmaker accused of sexual harassment by multiple women was called on by the Republican Party of Orange County on Monday to not seek re-election and retire at the end of his current term fachbücher kostenlos herunterladen.

Assemblyman Bill Brough is accused of unwanted touching and other misconduct involving at least three women, including Lisa Bartlett, the Chair of the Orange County Board of Supervisors wwe supercard download required content not possible (2).

Bartlett alleges she was the recipient of inappropriate behavior at a retirement party at a restaurant in Dana Point, during a time she and Brough were on the Dana Point City Council in 2011 lustige hörspiele kostenlosen.

Bartlett spoke up against his endorsement after Brough sent an e-mail to committee members last month.

In the e-mail, he names the women making accusations against him herunterladen.

“We have victims that came forward anonymously,” said Patricia Wenskunas, founder of Crime Survivors. “They should have been respected, but yet, Assemblyman Brough decided to call them all out in an e-mail, calling them liars, bullying them.”

In a statement, Bartlett said:

“In regard to Bill’s unhinged email and denials about my claim, he is lying… I did file a complaint against Bill with the City, there was an investigation.”It’s been investigated and they found no wrongdoing,” Brough told Eyewitness News barbie spiele download kostenlos.

A 2011 memo from the Dana Point city attorney stated there was not sufficient facts or evidence to come to any conclusions regarding the matter prime videos pc.

Brough says the allegations are politically motivated by bitterness over his efforts to try to rein in a toll road agency.

Brough abruptly left the committee meeting Monday after the Republican Party of Orange County called on Brough not to file for re-election and retire at the end of his term automatisches herunterladen von apps verhindern.

“Based on the totality of the circumstances and controversies surrounding the Assemblyman, the Republican Party of Orange County calls on Bill Brough to not file for re-election to the state assembly, and retire at the end of his current term,” said a resolution from the Republican Party of Orange County herunterladen.

“They just made a political judgement. They think I should not run for re-election, but I’ve done nothing wrong, so we’ll see,” Brough said windows iso downloader for free.

A plea aimed at Brough by Wenskunas called on him to resign, a comment made during the OC GOP Central Committee meeting before a vote on the resolution.

Brough is looking at re-election in 2020 for the 73rd State Assembly District race.

Brough told Eyewitness News he would not resign.

The state campaign watchdog is also investigating Brough for alleged misuse of campaign funds. Brough has denied any wrongdoing.